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Bio-Data of Dr. Shakuntala Singh Ph.D.


Shakuntala A. Singh Ph.D.


  Bio-data of Prof. (Dr.) Shakuntala A. Singh

                                           M.A., Ph.D.                 

             [To be used as introduction for talks etc]


v     Principal,

v     Professor and Head, Dept. of Philosophy,

            Joshi-Bedekar College, Thane (West), Maharashtra, India.

v     Recognised Ph.D. Guide in Philosophy in Mumbai University.

v     Teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students in Philosophy.

     v     Member, Board of Studies, Faculty of Arts University of    Mumbai.

v     Earlier, Fellow of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research, and Fellow of the Indian University Grants Commission.   

v     Written various Papers in Philosophy published in various journals, besides Papers read at National and International Conferences.

v     Addressed various forums, symposia, workshops on Philosophy and related issues.

v     Visited various educational institutions in USA/UK including Princeton, Oxford and Cambridge in 2000 A.D.

v   Organised National Seminars on: 1. Bioethics [2007]; 2. Indian Philosophy:its relevance in the 21st Century [2008]; 3. Post-Independence Indian Literature [2009]; and. 4. International Seminar on Mind, Brain and Consciousness [2010]. Details are at http://www.vpmthane.org/Publications(sample)/publications.htm#2010

v     Founder, Mens Sana Research Foundation, and Deputy Editor, Mens Sana Monographs ISSN 0973-1229, which deals with foundational/conceptual issues concerning medicine, mental health, man and society. Visit www.msmonographs.org and http://mensanamonographs.tripod.com 

v     Has undergone training in Hindustani Classical Music and also plays the sitar. President, Swara Sampada Main 2010-. Visit http://swarasampada.tripod.com



Some Recent Publications (2003-2010):


Psychiatric Consequences Of WTC Collapse And The Gulf War, May 2003. ISSN 0973-1229. ISBN 81-89753-00-2. Rs. 100/- US $10/-

Towards A Suicide Free Society: Identify Suicide Prevention As Public Health Policy, July-Aug. 2003. ISSN 0973-1229. ISBN 81-89753-01-0. Rs. 100/- US $10/-

What Shall We Do About Our Concern With The Most Recent In Psychiatric Research?, Sept.-Oct. 2003. ISSN 0973-1229. ISBN 81-89753-02-9. Rs. 100/- US $10/-

Replicative Nature Of Indian Research, Essence Of Scientific Temper, And Future of Scientific Progress, Nov.-Dec. 2003. ISSN 0973-1229. ISBN 81-98753-03-7. Rs. 100/- US $10/-

Gandhi On Religion, Faith And Secularism: Secular Blueprint Relevant Today, Jan.-Feb. 2004. ISSN 0973-1229. ISBN 81-89753-04-5. Rs. 100/- US $10/-

The Goal: Health For All- The Commitment: All For Health, Mar.-Apr. 2004. ISSN 0973-1229. ISBN 81-89753-05-3. Rs. 100/- US $10/-

Psychiatry, Science, Religion And Health, MSM Annual 2004, May-Oct. 2004. Rs 350/- US $ 35/- (HB): Rs. 200/- US $20/- (PB). ISSN 0973-1229. ISBN 81-89753-06-1 (HB). ISBN 81-89753-07-X (PB).

Resolution of the Polarisation of Ideologies and Approaches in Psychiatry, Nov.2004-Feb.2005. Rs. 100/- US $10/-. ISSN 0973-1229. ISBN 81-98753-08-8.

*Medical Practice, Psychiatry And The Pharmaceutical Industry: And Ever The Trio Shall Meet-I: The Connection between Academia and Industry, Mar.-June 2005. ISSN 0973-1229. ISBN 81-98753-09-6.

**Medical Practice, Psychiatry And The Pharmaceutical Industry: And Ever The Trio Shall Meet-II: Public Welfare Agenda or Corporate Research Agenda?, July-Oct. 2005. ISSN 0973-1229. ISBN 81-89753-10-X.

(Combined Vol. * and ** Rs. 250/- US $ 25/-. ISSN 0973-1229. ISBN 81-89753-11-8.)

Where is Medicine Heading? Pointers and Directions from Recent Law Suits Against Industry: Medicine As A Corporate Enterprise, Patient Welfare Centered Profession, Or Patient Welfare Centered Professional Enterprise?, Nov.2005-Feb. 2006. ISSN 0973-1229. ISBN 81-89753-12-6. Rs. 250/- US $ 25/-.

What Medicine Means to Me, Mar-Dec 2006.ISSN 0973-1229. ISBN 81-89753-13-4. Rs. 500/- US $ 40/-.
Medical Practice And The Pharmaceutical Industry: And Ever The Duo Shall Meet: Guidelines, Editors, and the Biological Paradigm shift, Jan.-Dec 2007. ISSN 0973-1229. ISBN 81-89753-14-2. Rs. 500/- US $ 40/-
Medicine, Mental Health, Science, Religion and Well-being. Jan 2008-Dec 2008. ISSN 0973-1229. ISBN 978-81-89753-15-3. Rs. 750/- US $ 40/-.
Some Issues in Women's Studies, and Other Essays. Jan-Dec 2009. ISSN 0973-1229. ISBN 978-81-89753-16-0. Rs. 750/- US $ 40/-.
Psychopharmacology Today: Some Issues. Jan-Dec 2010. ISSN 0973-1229. ISBN 978-81-89753-17-7. Rs. 750/- US $ 40/-.
(UPDATED  11-9-2010)
Visit:   http://www.msmonographs.org/backissues.asp         

See also http://www.msmonographs.org/ for  details

(As principal co-author; along with Ajai Singh, principal-author. Short biodata updated on 11-9-2010.)







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