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Lectures, Awards, Orations



Awards for Scientific papers


1.Scientific paper for special merit award at the XV Annual Conference of the Indian Psychiatric Society, West Zone, Mahabaleshwar, 25-26 Oct 1980. Topic of paper, ‘Psychology of Dying and the psychotic patient.’


2. Best scientific paper award at the XVII Annual Conference of the Indian Psychiatric Society, West Zone, Nasik, Sept 1986. Topic of paper, ‘Withdrawal: a prognostic indicator for paranoid schizophrenia.’


3. Best scientific paper award at the XVIII Annual Conference of the Indian Psychiatric Society, West Zone, Bombay, 26-27 Sept 1987. Topic of paper, ‘Death, Dying and near death experience.’


4. BPS Silver Jubilee Award at the IX Annual Conference of the Indian Psychiatric Society held at Varanasi, 2-5 Jan 1988. Topic of paper, ‘Death, dying and near death experience’



Some recent lectures to learned societies


 1. Seminar on Faith and Psychiatry, Indian Psychiatric Society, Maharashtra State Chapter, Mumbai, 15 Jan 2006. Topic of lecture, ‘Scientic temper, faith, and religion’.


2. Guest lecture at Annual conference of the Indian Psychiatric Society, Orissa Chapter, Sambalpur, 10 Sept 2006. Topic of lecture, ‘Music as a therapeutic agent.’


3. Guest lecture at 39 IPSOCON-2006, Annual conference of the Indian Psychiatric Society, South Zone, 27-30 Oct 2006. Topic of lecture, ‘Medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.’


4. National Seminar on Bioethics, Joshi-Bedekar College Campus, Jan 2007. Topic of paper, ‘Medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.’


5. Seminar on End of life care, Bombay Psychiatric Society. Mumbai, 6 Sept 2009. Topic of lecture, ‘End of life care: psychiatric and philosophical issues’


6. International Seminar on Mind, Brain and Consciousness, Joshi-Bedekar College Campus, Jan 13-15, 2010. Topic, ‘Why this seminar: the need to integrate knowledge from diverse disciplines’


7. Organised Symposium at Annual Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society ANCIPS, Jan 2013 at NIMHANS, Bangaluru, India. Topic of symposium: The task before psychiatry today. Topic of talk: Shrug diagreements and  ambivalence; search for commonalities of psychiatric phenomena. 12 Jan 2013. 


8. Addressed an invited symposium of the American Psychiatric Association at their Annual Meeting 18-22 May 2013 at Moscone, San Francisco, USA.

Symposium Date: 20 May 2013.

Symposium Title: Culture, Cognition, Value and Wisdom.

My Paper Title: Culture, Cognition, Values, and Wisdom – From Philosophy to Sociology/Psychology, and Now Neurobiology.


9. Made a presentation to the research group of UCSD Psychiatric Dept, San Diego, USA, 30 May 2013.



10. Talk to Research group of National Brain Research Centre (NBRC), Manesar, Haryana, India 16 May 2015. Topic: Brian-Mind Dyad, Human Experience Triad, Consciousness Tetrad and Lattice of Mental Operations


Recent Orations/ Memorial Lectures


1. Endowment Lecture, VPM’s College, Mulund, Mumbai, India, 4 Jan 2010. Topic, ‘Sleep disorders: what can you do to help yourself’.


2. Dr. [Mrs] Dhanalakshmi De Sousa Oration 2010, Dept of Psychiatry and LTMG Hospital, Sion, Mumbai, India, 13 Oct 2010. Topic, ‘The road ahead: for Indian, psychiatric and medical research’.


3. "Aditya Pendse Memorial Lecture' at Pune, India, under the auspices of the Schizophrenia Awareness Association [SAA] on 24 May 2012 titled, 'Schizophrenia: New Hopes'.


4. Bombay Psychiatric Society Presidential Address 20 April 2014. Topic, ‘Blueprint for an Indian Nobel Laureate in Psychiatry’.

5. The Canvas Askew Series. India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, 24 April 2015. Topic, ‘Psychiatry: Where are we and where do we go from here?’.

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