Ajai R. Singh MD

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Monographs, Book and Book Chapters

Select Monographs, Book or Book Chapters written or edited

Select Monographs written

  • Psychiatric consequences of WTC collapse and the Gulf war (May 2003). ISBN 978-81-89753-00-9
  • Towards a suicide free society: Identify suicide prevention as public health policy. (July–Aug 2003) ISBN 978-81-89753-01-6
  • What shall we do about our concern with the most recent in psychiatric research? (Sept–Oct 2003). ISBN 978-81-89753-02-3
  • Replicative nature of Indian Research, Essence of scientific temper, and the future of scientific progress (Nov–Dec, 2003). ISBN 978-81-89753-03-0
  • Gandhi on religion, faith and conversion: secular blue print relevant today (Jan–Feb 2004). ISBN 978-81-89753-04-7
  • The goal: health for all – the commitment: all for health (Mar–April 2004). ISBN 978-81-89753-05-4
  • Psychiatry science, religion and health (MSM annual May–Oct 2004). ISBN 978-81-89753-06-1
  • Resolution of the polarisation of ideologies and approaches in psychiatry (Nov 2004 – Feb 2005). ISBN 978-81-89753-08-5
  • Medical practice, psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry; and ever the trio shall meet (Mar–Oct 2005). ISBN 978-81-89753-11-5
  • Medicine as a corporate enterprise, patient welfare centred profession or patient welfare centred professional enterprise? (Nov 2005– Feb 2006). ISBN 978-81-89753-12-2

[Along with Shakuntala Singh as co-author]

Select Monographs edited

  • What medicine means to me (Mar–Dec 2006). ISBN 978-81-89753-13-9
  • Medical practice and the pharmaceutical industry: and ever the duo shall meet (Jan–Dec 2007). ISBN 978-81-89753-14-6
  • Medicine, mental health, science, religion and well being (Jan–Dec 2008). ISBN 978-81-89753-15-3.
  • Some issues in women’s studies, and other essays (Jan–Dec 2009). ISBN 978-81-89753-16-0
  • Psychopharmacology Today: Some Issues (Jan–Dec 2010). ISBN 978-81-89753-17-7
  • Brain, Mind and Consciousness: An International Interdisciplinary Study [2011] ISBN 978-81-89753-19-1 
  • Issues in Schizophrenia, Medicalization, Stigma, Biomedicine, Journalology and Other Essays [2012] ISBN 978-81-89753-20-7
  • Psychiatry, Consciousness and other Issues [2013] ISBN 978-81-89753-21-4
  • The Task before psychiatry today and other essays [2014] ISBN 978-81-89753-22-1
  • BPS Presidential Addresses[2015] ISBN 978-81-89753-23-8
  • [Along with Shakuntala Singh as deputy editor]

    Executive editor

    [Along with Shakuntala Singh as Editor in chief]

    Book written

    Book chapters

    • Singh Ajai R., (2006), Rehabilitation in schizophrenia, the is-aught and rights duty dilemma. In: Thought and reflections: selected papers in mental health [Ed Hema Shah], Vora Med Pub, Mumbai, p501-513. ISBN 81-86361-96-0
  • Singh, Ajai R.; Singh, Shakuntala A. (2009), Notes on Some Philosophical Issues in Psychiatry. In: Culture, Personality and Mental Illness: A perspective of Traditional Societies [Eds Vijoy K. Varma, A.K. Kala, Nitin Gupta], Jaypee Bros Med Pub, New Delhi, p37-76. 2009. ISBN 978-81-8448-536-3
  • Singh, Ajai R.(2015), Bioethics of Positive Psychiatry. In: Positive Psychiatry: A Clinical Handbook [Eds Dilip V. Jeste & Barton W. Palmer], APPI , p325-46. ISBN 978-1-58562-495-9
  • Commemorative volume chapters

    • Singh Ajai R., (2008), Indian Journal of Psychiatry (IJP): Moving Forward. In: Indian Journal of Psychiatry: commemorative volume. [Eds T.S.S Rao, G. Swaminath], IJP, p60-67.

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